About Us

ADK Hifi is a collaboration of two former employees of Now Hear This (NHT) in Benicia, California. Former operations manager and IT tech Kevin Frazier handles the business management and customer service for ADK Hifi. Kevin’s business background has helped ADK Hifi create key relationships with major audio manufacturers and music stores. Dave Padilla, former Electronics Engineer and Sr. Technician at NHT will head up the pro audio repair department. Dave has been working on tube amplifiers for many years, and has repaired hundreds of tube amps, guitar amps and high end vintage tube amps. He also owns an impressive list of vintage tube equipment.

Kevin Frazier – Kevin has a passion for music and equipment that make music sound its best. He continues to find ways to satisfy his audio appetite in his daily life and his work life.  As former Operations Manager at NHT, Kevin managed business relationships with reps, dealers, and customers while directing the development, production, and distribution of website content for the company website. He also managed the development of online data collection, sales automation, and web based customer service. As CEO and Founder of AdAce Inc., he designed and developed an automated web-based advertising system. Kevin wrote the company business plan, designed the product specifications, raised $2.5 million in funding, and managed a staff of 24 employees.  At 21st Century Media Kevin co-produced one of the first Enhanced CD’s on the market titled, “Prestige Studios of the World”, an interactive virtual tour of the top recording studios across the globe including George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch, Ocean Way, Wisselord, Masterfonics, Right Track, The Hit Factory, and the Church Studios in London. Kevin is also an accomplished saxophone player and vocalist.  When he is not working at ADK Hifi he can be seen around the bay area playing his saxophone. Listen to his smooth jazz music samples on his website at Kevfrazier.com.

Dave Padilla has been building and repairing vintage tube gear since he was a boy. Dave was mentored by two NASA scientists when he was a teenager. They taught him radio technology and audio engineering at a very early age. As a teenager he was trained in mechanical maintenance, electrical plumbing, refrigeration, and audio amplification. This diverse hands-on training has given Dave the ability to fix all things electrical with precision. He has an uncanny ability to fix amplifiers and vintage tube gear that had been previously diagnosed as unrepairable. Prior to ADK Hifi Dave has owned his own stereo repair business, worked for Conam as an NDE Level 2 technician, and became a certified radiographer. Most recently, Dave was the Sr. technician at NHT where he performed repairs, modifications, and upgrades on many NHT amplified products. When he is not building tube amps and fixing vintage stereo equipment, Dave can be found surfing E-Bay for antique trains to add to his impressive collection.