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Repair Request

At ADK Hifi we work with our customers to determine the most cost effective way to repair their electronic products. We will not simply replace things that are not part of the problem, as that would result in higher service charges that were not needed to make the equipment function properly.

Our hourly repair rate is $80 per hour. We require a $80 bench fee ($120 for Keyboards and Mixing Consoles) in advance to diagnose the problem you are having with your equipment. The bench fee will be applied towards your repair. Be sure to fill out the repair request form below.

Online Repair Order Request (All Models): (Typical repairs fall between $120 and $200) To obtain an ADK Hifi repair order number, please click the link below:

Important: Do not ship a product for service without an ADK Hifi repair order number. It will “NOT” be accepted, and ADK HIFI will not be held responsible for loss or damage.

Online Repair Request Form

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