“ADK Hifi has been granted Gold Level certification for electronic repairs by Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Gold is the highest certification level available from FMIC and shows not only the highest level of technical ability, but also a commitment to first-class customer service.”

Fender Corporation

“ADK HiFi is a professional, fast, honest, well priced repair shop where we bring repair after repair for excellent workmanship and quality for Danville Music.  From the smallest to the largest, they give every repair their full attention.  You guys are the best! Thanks!

“In the short time (1 year) we have been doing business with ADK HiFi, I have found them to be quick, reasonable, honest and best of all… when they fix something, it stays fixed. I wish they were the warranty repair station for all the products we sell”

Jeff Clark - Store Manager, Gordon’s Music and Sound, 707-422-0313

“Kevin & ADK’s Tech staff provide a very friendly atmosphere, are very knowledgeable, and experienced with the various brand name electronics they service. I was promptly informed of their full diagnostic results for both of my amps, outlining what the amps required to be fully restored again…best of all…the turn around on both repairs was surprisingly quick (just as promised in their website…& at very reasonable costs too!!) Both of my amps are now totally restored to FULL playing power…THANKS for your EXCELLENT customer service!!

“Kevin & Dave at ADKHiFi have been fantastic with both the quality of work and their dedication to tracking down some difficult problems in my A-10 amplifier. I had thought that this level of customer service had disappeared long ago but they’ve shown me that there are still people dedicated to doing the best job humanly possible to support their customers.”

James Buzzard, San Francisco, CA

“I want to thank you guys for doing such good work on my home audio equipment, the Carver amplifier sounds great and my Audio Research Classic 60 sings like a bird, not to forget my Victoria guitar amp, even though it was just a bad a.c. cord you managed to get the work done in a timely manner and keeping your price rates at a minimum. You’re someone I trust 100% and I know I’ll be doing business with you again.”

Mark L, Vacaville, CA

“I had ADK HiFi replace a blown transformer in my Marshall 1974x combo amp ,the amp came back performing and sounding better than the day I bought it. Someone who cared and knew what they were doing worked on my amp.

Shortly after, I wanted to turn my Marshall 1959 HW amp into a Super Bass variation and had bought an aftermarket circuit board from a place in M.I. to do the conversion. The instructions where poor and the board was actually put together wrong. Dave ,The tech at ADK HiFi ,corrected the problems and did the mod. When I drove in from Modesto to check it out, Dave made adjustments to the amp to meet my dream tone. The amp is the best sounding Marshall I have ever heard and I play Chapman Stick,bass,guitar,violin and keyboard through it. I will always rely on ADK HiFi to maintain my Marshall amplifiers. I am very impressed with the quality of work and the excellent customer service.”

Rob Lesko, King Veg, Food Group, Shellhead Mutants

“ADK Hi-Fi has provided us with a very reliable and consistent repair service for a wide range of electronic merchandise over the course of a year.  The speed of service has been something that we at Guitar Center El Cerrito have considered to be quite exceptional.  I am regularly contacted with updates and have had many compliments from our clientele as to their competitive pricing and quality of service.  I applaud ADK for their admirable business practices.